Double Twist Barbed Wire

Double Twist Barbed Wire

 One barbed wire twist type is double twist. Double twist barbed wire has two line wires twisted together with wire barbs attached . The wire is normally attached to wooden fence posts using a curved nail. This type is much safer than single twist barbed wire with the high tension.

Double twist barbed wire materials: hot-dipped galvanized wire, electro galvanized wire, PVC coated wire, steel wire and so on.

Double twist barbed wire specifications:
Barb spacing: 3" - 6".
Wire diameter: 1mm - 3.5mm.
Note: After galvanizing or plastic coating, the wire gauge is larger.
The length or weight per coil can be as customer need.

Barbed wire applications: with high tensile, barbed wire is the perfect selection for cattle fencing and for the top wire above a traditional stock fence. It is also suitable for farm fencing, grassland farm. Barbed wire with chain link fence or welded fence can be found in use in railway, airport, high protection areas.

Barbed wire is relatively cheap and moderately effective. The barbs are painful if pushed against, thereby discouraging the horses from pushing against the fence.

Note: the barb is quite sharp and easily the barbs can cause serious injuries. When install the barbed wire fence, you should take the gloves for protection.

Double twist barbed wire twist type sample:

Double Twist Barbed Wire 01  Double Twist Barbed Wire 02
Double Twist Barbed Wire 03  Double Twist Barbed Wire 04
Double Twist Barbed Wire 05

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